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Brooklyn Board of Education Solar Projects Underway at Schools

Brooklyn, CT (September 28, 2020) – Solar project installations are officially underway at Brooklyn Middle School and Brooklyn Elementary School. These projects position the town to realize combined savings of approximately $170,000 a year in energy costs over the next twenty or more years by providing nearly 100% of each school’s required electricity from onsite solar. In addition to savings, the town will also be selling off Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits, or ZRECs, generating another $70,000 a year in new revenues over the next fifteen years CSW Energy, a Connecticut-based solar project developer, is managing the projects on behalf of the Brooklyn Board of Education (Brooklyn BOE).

Brooklyn BOE’s roof-mounted solar projects will be partially reimbursed through a school construction grant program administered by the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Office of School Construction Grants and Review (“CT DAS OSCG&R”). Each school will realize electricity savings in two ways: By generating its own renewable energy and by generating revenue from Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs). ZRECs is an incentive program offered by the state of Connecticut and the local utility company, Eversource.

CSW Energy is overseeing the OSCG&R grant process, sourcing design and construction services through a competitive bid process and serving as the construction manager. Both installations are forecasted to be completed later this year and will be fully owned by the Town of Brooklyn. Students and school staff will be able to monitor each project’s solar energy production and environmental benefits from information kiosks that will be installed in the lobby of each school.

“I’ve been thrilled with the quality of the site work and the condition of the sites when the construction crews pack up each night” says Patti Buell, Superintendent of Brooklyn BOE. “The contractors communicate well with the district staff, accommodate the school schedule, and follow all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions. It’s great for the students to see the construction project from the playground be able to ask questions and learn about the project.”

“Commercial-scale solar projects offer new ways for municipalities to capture the benefits of clean energy, but the design/build process can be long and complex,” says Allen Sabins, Managing Partner of CSW Energy. “We worked with and on behalf of Brooklyn BOE to streamline their project’s grant funding process, shorten the design and approval timelines, and maximize energy and financial savings.”

“CSW has been invaluable in overseeing each project, helping to select contractors who have done an outstanding job,” says Buell. “I look forward to the completion of these projects so we can begin to see energy production rates and share them with the community.”

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