Do more than expand your energy portfolio. Generate change.

Commercial-scale solar is revolutionizing ways to make and invest in energy. But the industry's disjointed nature often leads to complications and project delays, thereby limiting growth. We've reimagined solar development to create optimal returns - for you, your stakeholders and your community.



We provide full development and management services for commercial and municipal rooftop, ground mount, landfill and carport solar projects.

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Our consortium model leverages the expertise of cross-industry partners and financiers to ensure you deliver on time and without unnecessary hassle.

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Our Founders



Managing Partner

Allen is a purchasing and procurement specialist who’s cultivated strong relationships throughout the solar industry over 10+ years at leading development and EPC firms. He oversees product and service channel partnerships at CSW.



Managing Partner

Chris is an engineer with 10 years’ experience in the energy industry, engineering over 125 megawatts of commercial solar installations throughout the United States. He leads project assessment and design at CSW.